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What are the considerations when choosing the right plastic material for injection molding?

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There are many considerations to consider when choosing the right plastic material for your injection molding project. Because different plastic resins and materials have different characteristics, these characteristics can affect the performance of the product.

The question to be understood when evaluating the product for the first time is: what is the purpose of the injection molding product? Where will it be used and how it will work? Because of the different uses of the product, the occasions used can affect the important performance of the product.

Before choosing which plastic resin is suitable for your injection molding project, there are some considerations. There are a wide variety of plastic resins, including additives, commercial resins and engineering resins that may help you meet your specific needs. From very common ABS plastics to TPE, there are many materials to choose from.
What factors should be considered when choosing the plastic material suitable for your injection molding project?

1) Will your plastic products be affected by temperature changes?

Temperature changes can affect your choice of resin for many reasons, which largely depends on the environment in which the part is used and its purpose. For example, if the product is to be used outdoors, it may need to be able to withstand high and low temperatures without compromising its integrity.

2) Is your plastic product disposable or long-term use?

Another factor to consider when selecting materials is the service life of the product. If parts are to be operated in a mechanical environment (e.g., medical grade equipment), it is important to ensure that the durability of the material matches the purpose of the product. However, if the product is used for packaging (e.g. disposable water bottles or the outer shell of consumer goods), the product life does not need to be considered.

3) Are your plastic parts more functional or aesthetic, such as high gloss?

When considering color and plastic choices, an important consideration is: what is the use of the product? In some cases, parts for larger mechanisms may not require multiple colors. In these cases, other factors such as strength, durability and cost may have a greater impact on your decision than the color performance of the plastic.

4) Does the product need to be made of flexible or harder plastics?

Flexible plastics and rigid requirements are also important factors to consider when selecting plastics for the project. This requirement is usually considered in combination with the strength of the product.

5) Are plastic parts required to withstand specific mechanical or physical loads?

It is important to check the properties of the resin. Some plastics have better mechanical or physical loading properties than others, and in some cases, additives can be used to meet load or strength requirements.



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