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Is brittle fracture of plastic products the reason?

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Brittle fracture often occurs in the production of plastic products. What is the cause? PTJMould with 15 years of mold manufacturing experience summed up the following causes of brittle fracture?

1. Insufficient injection and packing pressure of injection molding machine;

2. The back pressure is too small and the raw materials are not solid enough;

3. If the back pressure is too high, the heat of shearing and friction will increase;

4. The rate of fire is too slow to crystallize sufficiently;

5. The mold temperature is too high, and the raw materials are over heated, decomposed and deteriorated;

6. The mold temperature is too low to crystallize fully;

7. Insufficient injection and pressure holding time;

8. The shutdown time of injection molding machine is too long and the injection cycle is too long;

9. The storage time is too long;

10. The proportion of secondary return material in new material is too much;

11. The strength, toughness and viscosity of raw materials are not enough;

12. Unreasonable additives or too much additives;

13. The raw materials were not dried sufficiently;

14. Some parts of the internal structure of the product are too thick, some parts are too thin and uneven, and the feeding place is unreasonable.

15. The feeding of the mould is not uniform and the cold well is not enough;

16. The wall thickness of the product is too thin

17. The temperature of injection molding machine is unstable when the temperature is high or low;

18. The material pipe of the injection molding machine was not cleaned well;

19. The ejection is unreasonable, and the plastic stress increases, resulting in fracture;

20. The cooling circuit of plastic mould is not arranged properly.

These are the causes of brittle fracture of plastic products, but many conditions will occur in the actual production process, which requires specific analysis based on the experience of the staff for many years.


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