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Development trend of Rapid Tooling Technology

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With the development of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling manufacturing technology, in the near future, high precision rapid tooling will have great development. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects:


First, improve the performance of rapid tooling and improve the accuracy of rapid tooling. Good mold performance and high die accuracy are the key issues in the application and promotion of rapid tooling.


  1. Improving the performance of the rapid tooling: In order to obtain high-quality product parts and better mold performance, the working surface of the rapid tooling is required to be hard and wear-resistant, and can withstand the temperature cycle of high temperature and drastic change. The inner core material of the die should have high thermal conductivity, so that the heat can be transferred from the workpiece rapidly. It should have good fracture toughness to withstand fatigue cycle. In order to satisfy the above performance requirements, the traditional method is to adopt heat treatment or surface coating. In addition, more advanced methods can be used to change the performance of the mold: 1, the use of functional gradient materials; 2, the use of computer-aided engineering and virtual manufacturing technology.


2, Improve the accuracy of rapid tooling. Because of the layered manufacturing principle of RP technology and some errors in the process of RP and RT conversion, and the reason of RT material itself, it is a key problem to produce precision rapid mold directly or indirectly for rapid prototyping. With the development of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technology, and the integration of other technologies with RP and RT technology, high precision rapid tooling will have great development in the near future.


Second, develop a variety of mold manufacturing technology. With the development of science and technology, three modes of mold have appeared in the manufacturing field.


1, traditional mold. That is, the mold used in the traditional manufacturing process, it is suitable for mass production, usually metal materials made by machining.


  1. Dieless forming. This is the model proposed in the early 1990s, which envisages the design of products on CAD systems and the direct production of designed products on some computer-controlled equipment without the use of any molds.


3, Disposable mold. This is an intermediate mode between the first two models. This model can significantly reduce the cost and time of manufacturing molds, with this mold can produce a batch of products, and in this batch of products to produce waste used molds, after that, can produce new molds to produce more products.


The quick soft mold and the fast transition mold in the rapid tooling are very close to the goal of the disposable mould. With the improvement of science and technology, the goal of disposable molds can be achieved and will be applied better. Traditional molds play an irreplaceable role in many occasions. In a sense, one of the main purposes of rapid tooling is to develop and manufacture traditional molds rapidly. Dieless forming technology will be the first to be applied in some fields. Dieless forming is the goal of manufacturing industry in the future. In a fairly long period of time in the future, these three modes of mold manufacturing technology will coexist, and each plays an important role.


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