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The Commonly Used Functions Of Several Washers

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There are many types of washers, different sizes and thicknesses, and different materials, and their roles are different. Now the functions of several commonly used washers and installation precautions are introduced to you.

Copper skin asbestos mat

Copper-skin asbestos gasket has the characteristics of high pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, and it is used for engine cylinder gaskets. The copper-skin asbestos gasket should first be cleaned of dirt or sand on the clean joint surface before use. Note that the copper-skinned flanging side should face the cylinder head side to prevent air leakage. The copper-skin asbestos pad should not be folded hard during storage and installation, and should be kept intact and sufficiently elastic. If it is found to be damaged or has no elasticity after being used for too long, it should be replaced in time.

Paper Pad

There are two uses for it. One is to increase the sealing performance to prevent oil leakage; the other is to adjust the gap between the components. The parts that use paper pads cannot be increased or decreased at will. For example, the paper pad between each side cover of the diesel pump is used to adjust the fuel supply time. The thickness of the gasket is 0.1 mm. Each time the gasket is increased or decreased by 0.1 mm, the fuel supply angle of the flywheel is corresponding. Change by 1.7 degrees. The axial clearance between the crankshaft and the crankshaft is also achieved by adjusting the paper pad between the side cover of the flywheel end and the body. If the paper pad is damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent oil leakage.

Flat pad

Its function is to evenly distribute the pressure of the nut on the pressure part through the flat washer, and at the same time protect the surface of the bolt thread and the connecting body. Generally thin metal shells are fixed with metal flat gaskets.

Aluminum flat washer

The aluminum flat gasket has a certain degree of toughness, and it can be used for the joints of diesel and engine oil pipelines. Before installing the aluminum flat gasket, check whether there are dents or cracks on the surface, otherwise it will cause air to be sucked into the leaking pipe, which will not only cause waste of oil, affect the power of the engine, but also cause the lack of oil supply, which will cause the bush to burn and the shaft. Wait for the failure to occur. 

Copper flat washer

Copper flat gaskets are generally made of red copper, which are mostly used in places with high pressure, such as gaskets for fuel injection nozzles.

Cork mat

Cork mats have a certain degree of toughness and are generally used between water tanks, engine oil pans and the body. The cork pad has a soft texture and good sealing performance, which can slow down the vibration, collision and wear of the components. The weakness is crunchy and fragile. When making cork mats, you should pay attention to drilling and then cutting, so that it is not easy to damage. When installing, scrape off the debris on the joint surface and apply butter on both sides of the cork pad to increase its sealing performance. When tightening the bolts, tighten the fixing bolts evenly and forcefully in a diagonal sequence.

Spring pad

Spring washers are used for bolt connection to prevent bolts and nuts from loosening due to shocks. Especially the bolts that are not easy to see or operate should use spring washers.

Asbestos mat

Asbestos gasket has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, so the parts using it are high temperature parts, such as between the exhaust pipe and the cylinder head. These parts cannot be replaced by other gaskets.

Rubber mat

The rubber gasket is made of two kinds of materials, one is a gasket made of non-oil-resistant raw materials for sealing the air, such as the gasket used on the air filter housing; the other is made of oil-resistant raw materials for sealing oil parts Washers, such as the rubber pads on both ends of the diesel oil filter. It should be noted that oil-resistant rubber pads can replace non-oil-resistant rubber pads, and non-oil-resistant rubber pads cannot be used instead of oil-resistant rubber pads. In the long-term use of the rubber pad, if it is found to be hardened and lose its elasticity, it should be replaced in time to avoid wear of the parts.

Felt pad

Felt pads have a certain degree of wear resistance and shock absorption, and are generally used at the bottom of thin metal boxes or clamps, such as the bottom of diesel tanks.

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