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What are the specific functions of inserts in the processing of injection mold

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In the process of injection mold, the application of mold insert is very extensive. It can be seen not only in the front mold and the back mold, but also in the slider and the inclined roof. So what kind of role does the insert play in the processing of injection mold?

1. Facilitate the processing and maintenance of injection mold

The manufacturing process of injection mold is very complex. In the process of processing, some parts with complex structure and special shape are often encountered. These parts are difficult to process and difficult to maintain. For these complex structures, we can use the method of removing die inserts to reduce the difficulty of die processing and maintenance.

2. It is conducive to product molding and demoulding

If the products have deep ribs or other structures that are not easy to form, these structures are easy to cause defects such as insufficient filling, scorching, etc. when forming. The removal of inserts can effectively solve this problem. The clearance around the inserts is not only conducive to the exhaust during the molding, but also to prevent the vacuum sticking phenomenon that may occur when the product is demoulded.

3. Increase the strength of injection mold

In order to increase the strength of the injection mold and the life of the injection mold, when there is a small area of the insert on the molded parts such as the core or the slide block, the insert part can be disassembled into an insert to increase the strength of the injection mold.

4. Save materials and reduce costs

When the shape of some parts such as die core or slide block is much higher than other surfaces, or it is not conducive to processing, the die insert can be removed to save materials and reduce the processing cost, otherwise, the size will increase when preparing materials, and the processing will also take time, resulting in cost waste.

5. Shorten the manufacturing cycle of injection mold

When there is a deep bone position in the cavity to be processed, the position is convenient for processing. It can be disassembled into inserts for processing, and the processing time of injection mold can be shortened.


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