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Analysis of the Reasons for the Defects in the Processing of Plastic Parts

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The reasons for the shortcomings in the processing of plastic parts are as follows:


  1. Injection material. Material has impurities or supplies from different suppliers, different batches from the same manufacturer, and different batches of material processing technology is different.


  1. Injection Moulding Machine. Check the function of each part of the injection molding machine is normal, and consider the influence of temperature, pressure, time and other reasons, control and apintejinust the injection molding machine.


  1. mold. Mould device should be appropriate, temperature should be correct, and injection parts should run smoothly in the mould.


  1. Production and processing process. To ensure that the pressure, temperature and time are in line with the processing conditions provided by the material supplier, keep checking the accuracy of injection speed and technology.


  1. Injection time, temperature, pressure and back force can affect the quality of plastic parts processing.


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