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How to reduce injection time

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In this increasingly competitive market environment, improving production efficiency is an important factor that can help us occupy a favorable position in the competition. Get more done in less time. This is the key to improving efficiency. In this paper, several ways to improve the injection cycle of the injection mold by using the existing or newly designed injection molding machine or mold are described.

Generally speaking, the injection cycle of an oil pressure driven injection molding machine is from the beginning of mold closing to the next time of mold closing. Die closing is generally divided into four parts: fast die closing, slow die closing, low-pressure die protecting and high-pressure die locking. For the elbow joint injection molding machine designed recently, there are regeneration oil way to close the mold, in order to strive for a higher speed of closing the mold. Under the premise that the die is not subject to high impact, it is suitable to use.

It can reduce the time needed for high-pressure die locking section by adopting low die locking force which can make the finished product not produce burr. In addition, the life of the mould, the pull rod of the injection molding machine and the mould plate will also be prolonged due to the low locking force.

I’ve heard that mold injection production is basically a heat exchanger. It’s true that the mold will continuously take away the molten heat through the cold water channel, and the properly designed mold can improve the efficiency of heat exchange. However, if allowed, cooling with ice water can shorten the “cooling time”.

Eject. In a small injection molding machine with small ejection force, pneumatic ejection can be used, which is faster than oil pressure ejection. Electric ejection is faster than pneumatic ejection. The mold can be designed to be ejected by the opening action instead of the ejecting device on the injection molding machine.

Top back. Some finished products can be ejected by vibration of injection molding machine. The thimble does not need to be fully withdrawn each time to shorten the time of multiple ejection.



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