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Thread design skills of injection mold processing technology

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pintejin molding  is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. In the ten years of serving at home and abroad brands, pintejin molding has accumulated rich comprehensive experience in design, development technology, mass production, quality management and other technical disciplines such as machinery, electronics and product innovation.


Today, let’s talk about the thread design theory. During the processing of injection mold, when the plastic parts directly form the thread, the accuracy can’t exceed level 3, otherwise the plastic parts can’t meet the requirements we want. Let’s analyze the precautions for thread design:

1. During design, the thread size shall not be too small, the diameter of external thread shall not be less than 4.0mm, and the diameter of internal thread shall not be less than 2.0mm. Generally, metric standard thread is selected for pitch, grade 1 fine thread can be selected for threads above M6, grade 2 fine thread can be selected for threads above M10, grade 3 fine thread can be selected for threads above M18, and grade 4 fine thread can be used for threads above M30.


2. When the thread fitting length is less than twice the thread diameter, the shrinkage is generally not considered.


3. When there are two sections of threads on the same plastic part, the pitch must be equal and the thread direction must be consistent, so that the mold can be easily produced. Otherwise, the threads at both ends cannot use the same shaft core, resulting in complex mold structure and unable to complete the mold.


4. In the design, the top of the external thread shall be provided with a boss of more than 0.5mm.


5. In order to ensure the strength of the mouth edge of the internal thread, a level of groove must be reserved in the design. A straight body surface shall be designed at the end of the thread, and the height dimension shall be greater than the a dimension at the top of the external thread.


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