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PTJmolding Tell You How To Produce High Quality Injection Molded Plastic Parts

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PTJMolding, China’s leading plastic injection molding company is pleased to present their custom plastic injection molding along with a variety of molding and dies development and manufacturing services. For over 10 years now, the company has been involved in plastic injection molding and this process involves producing plastic parts in high volumes using the most recent techniques and machinery. Heated barrels and special mold cavities are used to create precise shapes, forms and sizes of various plastic objects.

Today PTJmolding tell you how to produce high quality injection molded plastic parts.

Injection molding is an accessible, ubiquitous process that you can use in the manufacture of different products. This process is quite versatile, making it a very good choice for products, but you must be careful with the process and the product design if at all you are to get efficiently molded plastic parts that are high in quality. The decision you make in the production process will largely determine the final products that you are able to achieve. Fortunately, using a few design principles, you can get the high quality plastic parts that you need from injection molding.

Remember the process necessities.

Injection molding has two halves of mold hollowed using the negative image of the part before the hot liquefied plastic is injected into the mold and left to cool. The two halves are then pulled apart when cooling has taken place effectively. Remember to position the gate properly so that removal of finished product does not interfere with the part integrity. Because the plastic material will shrink in the cooling process, be careful with the part dimensions and design elements to get high quality results. You also want to think about the parting line when making the design so it is located in an appropriate area on the final product during part release.

Pay attention to wall thickness

One of the best things you can do when manufacturing plastic parts is to design with manufacturability in mind. Whereas most manufacturers may work with a uniform wall thickness for injection molds, shrinkage factor during cooling process can lead to improperly designed molds and also products. Let thicker areas be on lower mold parts so that gravity can help in still-cooling the materials in all the right ways.

Do proper cooling and ejection

Quality injection mold does not only rely on how the process is handled but also on how effective and efficient the cooling system is. The mold should maintain consistent temperature to avoid warping and shrinkage while at the same time minimizing cycle times for maximum production output. Ensure therefore, that the cooling system for your plastic parts is well-designed for quality purposes. Releasing parts from mold should also be done with care. Ensure that cycle times, type of ejection mechanism and placement of ejector pins are calculated with precision so that defects are kept minimal on the final product.

Run samples to improve quality

One of the best ways of avoiding rework on your mold cavity it to create a sample mold first to test run your part. This move will help in determining whether there should be any apintejinustments to the mold or molding parameters and resin selection. Any quality issues can easily be collected through sampling the part and this saves money and time. When you run samples you are able to ensure that the final parts are up to expected standards.

Your injection mold maker should be good enough to avoid the common mistakes experienced, especially when dealing with plastic parts.

China plastic injection molding results are as good as the injection mold maker you choose. Think your part through before choosing the best China mold manufacturer.

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