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Common problems and treatment after adding color masterbatch in injection molding

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Under the sunlight, there are striped pigment bands in the products. This problem should be considered from two aspects: the physical and mechanical properties of plastics and the molding process of plastics

1. The temperature of the injection molding equipment is not well controlled, and the color masterbatch cannot be fully mixed with the resin after entering the mixing chamber.

2. Injection molding machine did not add a certain back pressure, screw mixing effect is not good.

3. Poor dispersion of Color Masterbatch or poor plasticization of resin.

The process can be apintejinusted as follows:

1. Slightly increase the temperature of the mixing chamber near the blanking port

2. Apply back pressure to the injection molding machine.

If it is still not good after the above debugging, it may be the dispersity or matching problem of color masterbatch and resin, and it should be solved by contacting the color masterbatch manufacturer.

After using some color masterbatch, the product appears to be easy to crack

This may be due to the poor quality of dispersants or additives selected by the manufacturer, resulting in poor diffusion and mutual solubility, which affects the physical and mechanical properties of the products.

The color is too dark (too light) after using according to the proportion in the color master manual

Although this problem is simple, there are many possibilities

1. The color master has not been tested seriously, and the pigment “target =”_ Too little or too much pigment

2. The measurement is not accurate when it is used, and there are a lot of random measurement phenomena in domestic enterprises, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises

3. There is a problem in the matching of color masterbatch and resin, which may be due to improper selection of Color Masterbatch carrier, or the manufacturer changing the resin variety at will

4. The temperature of the machine is improper and the color masterbatch stays in the machine for a long time.

Treatment procedure: firstly, check whether the resin variety matches the color masterbatch and whether the measurement is accurate. Secondly, apintejinust the machine temperature or speed. If there are still problems, contact the color masterbatch manufacturer. With the same color masterbatch, resin and formula, why are the colors of products injected by different injection molding machines different?

This is often caused by the injection molding machine. Different injection molding machines have different mechanical conditions due to different manufacturing, use time or maintenance conditions, especially the difference of the close degree between the heating element and the barrel, which makes the dispersion state of color masterbatch in the barrel different. After changing another brand of resin, the same color masterbatch and formula, the color has changed. Why? The density and melt index of different brands of resin will be different, so the performance of resin will be different, and the compatibility with color masterbatch will also be different, resulting in color change. Generally speaking, as long as the density and melt index are not different, the color difference will not be too big, and the color can be corrected by apintejinusting the amount of color masterbatch. Will pigment migration during storage affect the quality of products? Some color masterbatch pigment content (or dye) is very high, in this case, migration phenomenon is normal. In particular, the color masterbatch with dyes will have serious migration. But this does not affect the quality of the product, because the pigment in the product is in the normal color concentration after the color masterbatch is injected into the product.

Some injection products have poor luster

There are many possibilities:

1. The nozzle temperature of the injection molding machine is too low

2. The mold finish of injection molding machine is not good

3. The product molding cycle is too long

4. Too much titanium dioxide is contained in color masterbatch

5. The dispersion of color masterbatch is not good

After a period of time, some plastic products will fade

The quality of the basic pigment used by the manufacturer is not good, resulting in drift phenomenon.

ABS color masterbatch is particularly prone to color differences

The color difference of different brands of ABS produced in different countries is large. Even if the same brand of ABS, there may be color difference in each batch number. Of course, there will be color difference after using color master. This is due to the characteristics of ABS, there is no thorough solution in the world. However, this color difference is generally not serious.



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