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How to produce high quality non-standard CNC machining parts ?

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If you want to process a high-quality cnc machining products, you have to look at your processing methods, as well as the processing materials, as well as the processing equipment, whether it is suitable for processing, these are all for a big reason, non-standard parts processing is not included. , then how to produce high quality non-standard parts.
   In order to process a qualified part, the thickness of the layer of metal that must be cut from the blank is called the machining allowance. Machining allowance can be divided into process margin and total margin. The thickness of the layer of metal that needs to be removed in a certain process is called the machining allowance of the process. The total amount of scrapped from the blank to the scrap is called the total margin, which is equal to the sum of the margins of the corresponding external processes.
   The purpose of leaving the CNC machining allowance on the workpiece is to remove the machining error and appearance defects left by the previous process, such as the chilled layer of the casting, the pores, the sand layer, the scale of the forging, the decarburization layer, and the external crack. , internal stress layer after cutting and surface roughness. Thereby improving the precision and appearance roughness of the workpiece.    The size of the machining allowance has a great impact on the processing quality and consumption efficiency. Excessive machining allowance not only increases the labor of machining, reduces the consumption rate, but also increases the cost of materials, tools and electricity, and improves the processing cost. If the machining allowance is too small, it is impossible to eliminate various defects and errors in the previous process, and it is not possible to compensate for the clamping error during the processing of the process to form a waste product. The selection of the standard is to ensure the quality as much as possible, so that the margin is as small as possible. Generally speaking, the more refined, the smaller the process margin.   The above information is how to produce high-quality non-standard parts processing. We can only use this method to produce excellent products. If we want high quality, we must do this because it can work efficiently and productively.
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