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We’ve Added More CNC Machining Capabilities

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We provide an array of fabrication and manufacturing including sheet metal fabrication and brazed assembly work. Since our company’s inception we’ve been actively working with clients providing cnc machining services, but we’re now excited to announce that we’ve added open CNC machining to our operation. This involved investing in additional CNC equipment which allows us to create even more custom parts and pieces which require CNC milling. We understand that some projects and clients require expediency, therefore we offer quick turn from prototyping to production and we can provide quotes for most projects within 24 hours. We’ve provided CNC machining for clients in Aviation, Healthcare, Military, Oil and Gas and a wide range of other industries. In short, if you require custom made parts or components to be made using cnc machine processes then we’re a match for your project.We’ve Added More CNC Machining Capabilities
CNC (computer numerical control) machining is a unique process in which machine tools such as lathes, mills, and routers are controlled using a computer with specialized software and a control console which interfaces with the machinery. If you’re involved in the manufacturing industry this is common knowledge, but CNC machining basically allows for very nuanced, exacting, and precise fabrication.
Our range of clients is so diverse because we’re able to manufacture components from the following raw materials:Aluminum 6061Aluminum 5052Aluminum 2024Stainless Steel 304Cold Rolled SteelTitaniumCopperBrass
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