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Why Plastic Material need baked Before Injection Moulding?

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In the process of injection moulding, the moisture content of material should be within a relatively low range to ensure the normal injection moulding and the normal physical properties of product materials. The water content of injection material is too high. First, there will be bad appearance of silver wire on the surface. Secondly, water vapor in the material will cause bubble holes in the product, which will affect the strength. Thirdly, if the moisture content is high, the material will decompose in melting.

So before injection moulding, the material must be dried. The moisture absorption rate of ABS, PC, PA6, PA66 and other material is relatively high. The direct injection moulding of the original packaging is not a big problem, but tens of kilograms of material are not finished in a single moment. In the course of several hours to dozens of hours, the moisture in the air will be absorbed by the material. However, the moisture absorption of PP, TPE and POM is relatively small, and the moisture absorption of PP, TPE and POM for a long time under ambient temperature and humidity is relatively small. The moisture absorbed can be within the allowable range of injection process, and has little effect on injection moulding.


Of course, the small impact does not mean no impact, because although not much moisture absorption, but ultimately return to absorb water. In mass production, continuous production for many days, in order to ensure the stability of product quality, it is best to turn on the dryer.


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