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What kind of plastic injection mold factory can be trusted?

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A good plastic injection mold factory can not only guarantee its own profits, but also create excellent quality products. Therefore, a mold factory must have a sound management system, an efficient team, strong executive ability and innovative spirit. So how can it be done?

Organization structure and operation rules

>Design Department – DFM review and plastic injection mold design

Mainly responsible for DFM review, mold design, information communication with customers, product review, and technical support for early quotation.

>Machining Department – programming, Cnc, EDM, WEDM and grinding.

Mainly responsible for the distribution of processing and production. The production process steps can coordinate with each other and switch back and forth to make the processing part as smooth as possible, and the blocking process can switch to the next process in time, so as to minimize the coordination between teams and shorten the time spent on mutual communication. Therefore, plastic injection mold can be put into production on time to ensure the quality and delivery time of the mold.

>Assembly department – mold assembly, follow-up, mold modification and polishing.

The assembly department is responsible for the implementation of mold assembly, mold modification and mold maintenance, and tracking the mold details, including the progress of materials, processing and standard parts, to ensure the final delivery and quality of plastic injection mold.

>Project management

The quality of plastic injection mold production plan directly affects the production accuracy and efficiency of the mold, and also directly affects the quality of the final mold products. Each part has a different processing method, which needs to be considered in combination with the processing cost, operation difficulty and work efficiency, so as to arrange the process flow reasonably.

Mingyang Yutong injection mold processing

The above is only the basis for efficient production, and our ultimate goal is to ensure smooth production, produce high-quality products, and obtain customer recognition. Therefore, the control of workshop production site is also very important

1) Plan of complete set of mould. After the formal order is placed by the customer, the process review meeting participated by all supervisors shall be held in time to formulate plans, including material selection, design, programming, machining, CNC, EDM, WEDM, assembly, etc.

2) For the overall schedule of the mold, hold the evening meeting to timely understand the mold status within the Department, and apintejinust the work progress if necessary to keep it consistent with the overall mold plan.

3) Adopt efficient system management, check the workshop from time to time to solve the problems in the process of processing. Strictly carry out self inspection for production parts, record data and save self inspection report

4) The machining status of each set of mould should be tracked carefully to ensure the data is accurate and complete and recorded in the system.



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