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What is the standard mold test procedure?

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In order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and trouble in mass production, it is necessary to pay patience to apintejinust and control various processing conditions, find out the best temperature and pressure conditions, and develop standard test procedures, which can be used to establish daily working methods.


  1. Check whether the plastic in the barrel is correct or not and whether it is baked according to the regulations (if different raw materials are used in the test mould and production, different results are likely to be obtained).


  1. The cleaning of material pipes should be thorough so as to prevent inferior unglued materials or miscellaneous materials from being injected into the mould. Because bad unglue and miscellaneous materials may jam the die. Check whether the temperature of the material pipe and the temperature of the mold are suitable for the raw material for processing.



  1. Apintejinust pressure and ejection quantity to produce products with satisfactory appearance. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to run the edges, especially when there are some molding products that have not yet fully solidified. Before apintejinusting various control conditions, we should think about it, because a slight change in filling rate may cause a great change in filling rate.


  1. Wait patiently until the conditions of the machine and the die are stabilized, that is, medium-sized machines may have to wait more than 30 minutes. This time can be used to view possible problems in the product.


  1. The advance time of screw should not be shorter than the solidification time of gate plastics. Otherwise, the weight of products will be reduced and the properties of products will be damaged. When the die is heated, the advance time of the screw also needs to be lengthened to compact the product.


  1. Reasonably apintejinust and reduce the total processing cycle.


  1. Running the newly apintejinusted condition for at least 30 minutes to be stable, and then continuously producing at least a dozen full-mold samples, marking the date and quantity on their holders, and placing them separately according to the die holes, in order to test the stability of their actual operation and derive reasonable control tolerances (especially valuable for multi-hole mold ).


  1. Measure and record the important dimensions of continuous samples (which should be measured when the samples are cooled to room temperature).


  1. Comparing the sizes of each sample, it should be noted that:


Whether the product size is stable or not;


Whether there is a trend of increase or decrease in some sizes, while showing that the processing conditions are still changing, such as poor temperature control or oil pressure control;


Is the size change within tolerance range?


  1. if the size of the product is no longer changed and the processing conditions are normal, it is necessary to observe whether the quality of the products of each mold cavity can be accepted, and its dimensions can be within the permitted tolerance. Mark the holes which are measured continuously or more or less than the average value in order to check whether the size of the die is correct.


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