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What is the role of flow analysis in injection moulds?

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In the process of mould making, it is very important and difficult to find the position of flow balance in the design of runner. In the past, it is often necessary to design runners through past experience to achieve the goal of flow balance, so it needs continuous practice to find solutions, which will lead to longer product development time and increased cost. Mould flow analysis can assist runner design, shorten product development time and find potential problems easily, so as to improve product quality and achieve the goal of reducing costs.


  1. Understanding Potential Problems of Injection Mould


Mould flow analysis can predict the position and quantity of glue feeding point from the basic position of bonding line, and save cost by improving the quality of parts, eliminating downtime and reducing cycle time and waste rate. Flow simulation helps to improve product design by reducing or eliminating conditions that may lead to gas defects, burns, dents, voids or excessive warpage. This is achieved by optimizing such factors as gate size and location, runner balance in multi-cavity tools, material selection and process conditions. This technology can identify potential problems in injection moulds before problems occur.


  1. Mould flow analysis will help to avoid potential problems in Moulds


Competition in today’s market requires suppliers to improve quality while reducing costs. Mould flow analysis enables die manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs, delivery time and parts costs.


  1. In addition to identifying and eliminating potential problems, mouldflow analysis can also help optimize the overall part and mould design, while preventing over-engineering.


This happens when too much effort is put into part/mould design. Design often becomes more complex and uses more plastics than is necessary. Mould flow analysis can prevent unnecessary overengineering. Today’s technology allows die manufacturers to evaluate different cooling designs to reduce flow rates and optimize temperature distribution across parts and moulds, minimizing differential shrinkage, warpage and cycle time.



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