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What is the function of plastic material and glass fiber in injection molding?

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Thermoplastics do have natural mechanical properties, which can give strength, durability, impact resistance and other benefits to plastic molded parts. Adding glass fiber to plastics can further enhance the performance of the resin.

One of the problems that may occur in injection molding of materials with glass fiber is that the brittleness of the parts is increased due to the significant improvement of the strength and rigidity of the parts.

However, if the glass filled plastic parts do not need to bear high impact stress and bending, only need to bear the support weight, then it can become the ideal plastic resin for injection molding.

In addition, glass fill percentages can range from 13% to 45%, which will affect the performance of the final part accordingly.

If you are considering adding fiberglass to the injection molding process, it should be noted that adding fiberglass to the molded part will increase the strength, but also bring risks, because fiberglass may cause internal stress and warpage as well as problems such as filling rate, cooling rate and shrinkage.

When the plastic mold has the following characteristics, adding fiberglass is more suitable: uniform wall thickness; no acute angle or 90 degree angle; few through holes and turns; non complex geometry.


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