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What CNC cutters do you need to know in CNC machining?

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CNC milling cutters are commonly used CNC tools. Also known as the flat knife. Generally used is the white steel knife. Mainly cut some products that are not demanding on the surface. The price is quite cheap. It is easier to wear. Aluminum milling cutter. Its material is mainly tungsten steel structure. Mainly used for cutting aluminum materials. The surface finish of the product is relatively smooth.
The coated tungsten steel milling cutter mainly cuts steel and cast iron. Relatively hot resistant. wear resistant. The price is higher.
drill. This is more common. Includes standard twist drills. Mainly used to play conventional materials. Punching of conventional products. Group drills can play a magical role for some special workpieces. Fixed point drill center drill. Mainly used for point centering.
Chamfering knife. Generally, a point drill can be used instead. Mainly used for product chamfering.
CNC ball head knife. Mainly used to process curved products. Of course, special uses are also possible.
CNC file. Used to smash the holes. Generally the scale is adjustable. The holes that are mainly used for processing are relatively high in requirements. But compared to a reamer. Will not play a role in pores. Reamer. main
Reaming action. Generally used for precision hole processing. Can play the role of correcting the verticality of the hole. Face milling cutter. Also known as the flying knife. Milling a large plane. It is also a common tool in machining centers.
Round nose knife. Generally it is a rough effect. Can also face milling and so on. The use is relatively wide. Thread milling cutter. The thread can be milled. The thread program can be programmed with programming software. Taps. Product tapping effect. Divided into cutting taps. Spiral tap. Squeeze the tap.
Swallowtail cutter. Its shape is similar to the shape of a swallowtail. Mainly used to open the dovetail slot. Engraving tools. Mainly used for product engraving. Hob. Used to machine holes. It can be made to a mirror finish.
T-tool. Mainly used to mill T-slots.
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