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What are the requirements for wall thickness of plastic parts

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The wall thickness of plastic parts has a great influence on the quality. When the wall thickness is too small and the flow resistance is large, it is difficult for large and complex plastic parts to fill the cavity. The dimension of the processing wall thickness of plastic parts should meet the following requirements:

  1. It has enough strength and stiffness.


  1. It can withstand the impact and vibration of demoulding mechanism when demoulding.


  1. Can withstand the fastening force when assembling.


The wall thickness value of plastic parts processed varies with the variety, brand and size of plastic parts. Excessive wall thickness in plastic parts processing not only wastes raw materials, but also increases the time of moulding for thermosetting plastics processing, which is easy to cause incomplete curing, while for thermoplastic plastics, it increases the cooling time. In addition, it will also affect the quality of plastic parts processing. The wall thickness of the same injection part should be as uniform as possible, otherwise additional stress will be generated due to uneven cooling and curing speed.


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