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What are the Quality and Precision for CNC machining parts?

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When the mechanical cnc machining parts are processed, our staff can't be distracted, because in the process of CNC machining the mechanical parts, if there is an error, it will appear on the product, then if there is an error in the product, There is also a problem in quality, which is why the CNC machining mechanical parts processing manufacturers can't make mistakes and require precision. CNC Mechanical parts are used on CNC bed surfaces.
First, the interchangeability of partsAfter long-term production and operation of the machine, some parts will inevitably wear out, deform and scrap, and replace with new parts. These parts are called accessories or spare parts. Accessories or spare parts can be operated without being repaired or selected, and are said to be interchangeable.In order to achieve interchangeability, the dimensions, geometry, and the like of the parts must be made consistent when manufacturing parts. The so-called consistency does not require that the score be not bad (it is neither economical nor possible), as long as the size, geometry, etc. of the part are controlled within an allowable range, so that the part and the other parts have the same combination. Combine performance. This allowed error range is the geometric tolerance.
Second, the quality of precision parts processing is expressed by the processing precision:Geometric accuracyGeometric accuracy refers to the accuracy of the geometric shapes of the various surfaces or axes that make up the part, such as whether the line is straight, whether the surface is flat, and whether the positive sections on the cylinder are round or not. The allowable range of variation is represented by "shape tolerance", and the smaller the geometric tolerance number, the higher the shape accuracy.
2. Size accuracyDimensional accuracy refers to the accuracy of the dimensions of the part after machining and is expressed in terms of "dimension tolerance". When the dimensions of the CNC machining parts are the same, the higher the accuracy, the smaller the tolerance number.
3. Position accuracyPositional accuracy refers to the degree of accuracy of the mutual position between the surfaces of the component parts, such as whether the two planes are parallel, vertical, whether the two axes are coaxial, etc., and is represented by "position tolerance". The tolerances of the above shapes and positions are referred to as "shape tolerances".
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