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What are the methods for deep hole processing of hardware precision parts?

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In the process of cemented carbide parts processing, you often encounter parts that require deep hole processing. Today, follow Hongweisheng Precision Technology to take a look. What are the three common methods for processing deep hole parts? When processing deep-hole parts, because the tool holder is limited by the diameter and depth of the hole, the tool holder needs to be slender, but the slender tool holder will cause its rigidity to be poor, and it is prone to vibration and tool loss during turning. Because of the depth of the hole, during the drilling process, the drill is easy to deviate and cause the axis of the hole to be offset. Because of the depth of the hole, the cutting fluid is not easy to remove, the cutting fluid is difficult to effectively cool to the cutting area, and the tool is cutting in the deep hole. The wear of the tool and the damage of the tool body cannot be observed, so that the quality of the processing cannot be guaranteed. At present, the common deep hole processing methods mainly include the following:
   1. First of all, gun hole drilling and chip removal
In the processing of precision parts, for deep holes with relatively small diameters, gun hole drills are generally used. Gun hole drills are welded with high-speed steel or cemented carbide heads and seamless steel pipe handles, with a V pressed on the handle. The groove is used as the channel for chip removal, and the waist-shaped hole is the outlet of the cutting fluid.
  Secondly, high pressure internal chip drill
The high-pressure internal chip removal drill is made by the high-pressure and large-flow cutting fluid entering the cutting area from the oil seal head through the gap between the deep hole drill and the hole wall. In this way, because there is no pressure difference in the chip removal sleeve rod, a relatively high pressure cutting fluid is required to discharge the chips from the cell through the inner hole of the chip removal sleeve rod.
Third, then the jet suction drill and internal chip removal
The cutting edges of the jet suction drill shape are staggered on both sides of the precision machined drill. The neck has a small hole for jetting cutting fluid, and there are two flared holes at the front end. The chip is discharged and then under the pressure of the high-pressure cutting fluid jetted from the small hole , Punch in and suck out the hollow arbor from the two flared holes and discharge out .

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