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Several Problems Needing Attention in the Technical Reform of Equipment in Foundry Department

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In recent years, the acceleration of the globalization of the world economy has provided opportunities for the development of my country’s foundry industry, and the demand for castings has shown a trend of sustained and rapid growth. The rapid growth of automobile production has further stimulated the development of the foundry industry. Therefore, many foundry enterprises in my country have carried out large-scale technological transformations to meet the needs of the market and increase their casting production capacity. Many foundry workshops have been newly built, rebuilt, and expanded. Now let’s talk about some issues that should be paid attention to in the technical transformation of the foundry workshop.

Several Problems Needing Attention in the Technical Reform of Equipment in Foundry Department

Focus on the overall graphic design of the enterprise

This work has a great impact on project investment and equipment operating costs after the project is completed, so it is very important. However, many companies often ignore this important link and think that whoever purchases the equipment is responsible for the design. They think that this can save a lot of design costs, but this idea is very unscientific, and sometimes it may be wrong. . Foundry enterprises have the characteristics of high noise, high dust, large vibration and large material transportation volume. Therefore, when companies start new projects, it is extremely necessary to consider the design according to the characteristics of the foundry enterprise, combined with its own actual situation and the climate characteristics of the company’s location. The general plane.

For example: the noisy industrial department should be kept away from office areas and residential areas as far as possible; the foundry workshops should be built in downwind places such as machining workshops, assembly workshops, and office areas that do not produce harmful gases and dust to reduce secondary pollution; furnace materials, fresh sand, and bentonite The installation area of ​​the raw and auxiliary material warehouse is appropriate and as close as possible to the user department, so as to reduce the value-free logistics and so on. Inaccurate corporate graphic design will inevitably lead to problems such as disorder in the layout of the factory, disordered site, interference between different production units, and chaotic and disordered production and transportation lines, which not only affects production and labor conditions of workers, and environmental protection in the factory. And production costs, resulting in obvious production losses, and also caused many avoidable but unpredictable economic losses that actually occurred. It is always considered to be an indispensable normal investment for the normal operation of the enterprise. Compared with its counterparts, the operation of the enterprise The cost has increased a lot, reducing the economic benefits of the enterprise.

Make a good product positioning of the company and establish a technological transformation process plan

The goal of casting production is to use the highest efficiency and the lowest cost to produce qualified and consistent quality castings to achieve appropriate benefits. According to the positioning product, batch size, material requirements, etc., make a detailed and scientific process analysis to it, formulate a process plan, and then establish an adaptive technical transformation plan. It is necessary to establish the best concept that is applicable, and understand no matter how advanced and complex the equipment is, it is the more complex “special tooling” that meets the requirements of the casting production process.

At present, various process technologies are competing to develop, and each technology has its advantages, but also has certain limitations and scope of application. Advanced and high-tech processes are not necessarily all applicable to any casting production. According to the casting quality requirements, material requirements, batch size, price level, and the company’s own conditions such as the factory site, select technically applicable and economically reasonable processes, and focus on the combination of technology and economy, in order to make a realistic choice and achieve technology The purpose of the transformation. In short, insufficient process assurance capability or excess process assurance capability will cause enterprises to increase unnecessary operating costs and reduce benefits. It can be seen from this that it is very important to make a good product positioning of the enterprise, formulate the process plan, and then determine the applicable technological transformation plan.

Focus on the matching of equipment between each department

In order to achieve the goal of planned control, the configuration of equipment must be systematic and compatible. At present, in the process of technological transformation, many domestic enterprises pay special attention to the equipment of the molding department. The main machine of the molding production line is either directly imported from abroad or choosing domestic famous brands, and insufficient attention is paid to the equipment of other departments. The manufacturer’s configuration is enough, and they don’t understand the domestic reality at all. Different equipment manufacturers, even with the same equipment model, the actual productivity of the equipment produced is different from the productivity advertised in the sample, and some are even quite different. In addition, many matching testing instruments are not considered to be equipped.

Therefore, many domestic manufacturers, many of the modeling equipment are very advanced and world-class, but some of the engineering department’s equipment is very poor and unreliable, not only has a high failure rate, but the actual production efficiency has not reached the design requirements. The entire production line is equipped with equipment. No, there is a bottleneck in the production process. This not only seriously affects the start-up rate of the molding line, but also makes the production cycle fluctuate from time to time, which makes it more difficult to control the process parameters and increases the risk of casting waste. Therefore, the overall efficiency of the production line is far from the design goal.

Strengthen process improvement and staff training

From the beginning of the technological transformation project, it is necessary to simultaneously grasp the training of management, technology, operation and maintenance personnel. Training personnel pays attention to practical results, and what needs to be trained should be targeted. Training is not a diploma, not a certificate, only job needs. At the same time, pay attention to the introduction of special talents who are in shortage of some positions. Maximize the technical and management quality of the entire executive team to ensure the normal operation of the production line. At the same time, it pays attention to the quality tracking of castings during the production process, and pays attention to the improvement of the process flow according to its fluctuations.

In short, the transformation of foundry technology is a complex, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive work, and there is no intermediate experiment, and failure is absolutely not allowed. Therefore, it is recommended to establish a multi-departmental, multi-disciplinary team of professionals, using the “brainstorming method” to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the project from different angles, and make careful planning of the entire project in the early, mid, and late stages to ensure that The completed casting project achieves practical, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-consumption and high-efficiency goals.

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