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Approximate Fitting And NC Machining Of Ellipse Gear

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Oval gears are widely used in automatic machinery and instrument industries, and are a type of non-circular gears. If strictly required, the elliptical gear can only be manufactured correctly on the CNC gear shaper, but the CNC gear shaper is very rare. In the case of small batches, the elliptical gear is fitted with 4 arcs, and then the elliptical gear is fitted on the ordinary cnc machine tool. Processing can meet the general accuracy requirements, which is also an emergency measure to solve the problem.

Approximate Fitting And NC Machining Of Ellipse Gear

Calculation of the approximate arc of the elliptical gear pitch curve. Given the parameters of an elliptical gear: the number of teeth Z, the modulus m, the semi-major axis of the ellipse a and the semi-minor axis b of the ellipse. The number of teeth in the AE segment is 2, and there is 2 (m + called = Z as shown, then there is: simultaneous solution, so there is A point coordinates: according to the geometric relationship, the substitute arc AB segment on the ellipse can be obtained. For example, use 2 For the symmetrical arc AB-CD, AD-BC replace the elliptic pitch curve, and make each arc have a complete number of teeth. Under this condition, find the radius and center of the substitute arc, as well as the coordinates of point A and the radius of the AD segment. The coordinates of R1, R2 and circle center 1, 2 when the eccentricity is not large, the number of ellipse gear teeth Z and the ellipse arc length L have an approximate formula: round R1, R2 to integer multiples of 0.5, the center coordinates: AG and AF The corresponding central angle is: the strength, fracture toughness, impact ability of ceramic tools have been greatly improved, and due to its excellent chemical stability, thermal stability and good wear resistance, it can be more than hard Alloys with higher cutting speeds for cutting.Cubic boron nitride is the best tool material for high-speed cutting of hardened steel, chilled cast iron, titanium alloys and other materials. Polycrystalline diamond tools are high-speed cutting aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and silicon alloys. Ideal tool material for materials such as non-ferrous metals and non-metals

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