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Requirements and precautions of Injection mold

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Due to the high precision of manufacturing and processing precision of injection molds, the production and processing technology is also complicated. Therefore, the processing and production costs of plastic injection molds are generally high.
The selection of materials for injection mold manufacturing must meet the following requirements:

1. The injection mold steel should have good processing performance. When working in high temperature environment and heat treatment, the deformation should be small.

2. The working surface of the melt channel in the cavity of the mold should be small in flow resistance, thus reducing the surface roughness of the working surface. The steel should have good polishing performance, no impurities in the material, no porosity.

3. Excellent wear resistance.
In order to maintain the dimensional accuracy of the mold structure for a long time, it is necessary to wear the working surface of the mold after processing.
In particular, when the raw material of the processed product contains a glass fiber-based hardness filler, it is easy to accelerate the wear of the working face of the mold.
For such a mold, it must have sufficient hardness and wear resistance.

4. Good corrosion resistance.
In the plastic melt molding production process, the plastic raw materials and some auxiliary materials should be in contact with the steel, which has a certain chemical corrosion effect on the steel.
In order to maintain the mold with good corrosion resistance, it is necessary to choose corrosion-resistant alloy steel or high-quality carbon steel, if necessary, the surface should also be chrome-plated or nickel-plated.

5. Steel should have sufficient working strength.
In addition to a certain hardness after surface heat treatment, the selected steel should have sufficient core strength. Because the injection mold is subjected to a large injection pressure and clamping force, the core strength of the steel for injection mold must be considered.

Precautions for test mode:

1. At the beginning of injection molding, it is not allowed to fill the cavity immediately, and the injection volume should be gradually increased.

2. Apintejinust the relevant equipment and injection molding process parameters according to the actual condition of the product during injection molding.

3. Do not touch the water on the upper socket of the mold and the heater inside the mold, otherwise the heater and temperature control box parts in the mold will be damaged.

4. When the perform mold is warmed, first open the main channel temperature. When the temperature of the main channel rises to the set value, the shunt switch can be put on the switch to prevent the material from decomposing and blackening too early.

5. Set the relevant equipment and process parameters. After reaching the set value, open the mold according to the order of the mold action.

6. According to the order of the preform operation, repeat the test of the no-load test die, check whether the mold valve needle is open, whether the joint is synchronized, and whether the slider system is in place.

7. The cylinder of preform does not have cooling water. Do not heat it. High temperature may cause damage and deformation of mold parts and seals.

8. Connect water, gas, electricity, hydraulic lines according to injection molding machine and mold requirements, and check and ensure that the pipeline is not clamped when clamping.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       About PTJMould Industrial Company Limited

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