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Quality management can extend the service life of mould

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In the production process, the mold will be subject to normal wear. To be sure, quality management control in daily production will play an important role in mold quality assurance, mainly including the following aspects:
1. Effective data management

Including production data, process data and drawing documents: effective management of production data, process data and 2D / 3D drawing documents can ensure complete document library and complete drawing version, so as to realize effective sharing and effective query.

Drawing. In the engineering department, if a database with a complete document management system cannot be established, and no one collects and organizes previously scattered drawings, data will be confused and inconsistent, which may affect all design documents, including 2D / 3D drawings.

2. Original data, design change / maintenance history, 3D model, etc.

If there is no standardized 2D CAD drawing, there will be a lot of problems. Because of this confusion in data management, it is difficult to identify problems and correct them in time, resulting in mold modification and repair, not to mention increasing mold manufacturing costs and expanding mold production cycle.

3. Maintain data consistency and integrity

Including tool drawing and process: use effective, complex and strict test measures to ensure that the tool drawing, production and processing technology are consistent and complete.

4. Timely collect and record the manufacturing cost of each set of mould

It is suggested that the workshop should take effective management and control measures, and use accurate, efficient and accurate processing technology to design mold structure for mold parts and parts testing. This will effectively reduce mold design changes. It will effectively control the maintenance, actual cost and quality of each mold.

5. Labor planning

When all elements of mold production can be organized and integrated organically, such as planning, design, processing technology, production scheduling and labor resources, it will be easier to effectively coordinate production projects, so as to effectively ensure the quality and timely delivery of mold products.

6. Develop a comprehensive and practical mold production management system

Develop a complete manufacturing management system, including the implementation of manufacturing management process, product data management, process data management, project management, production scheduling management, computer information management, tool production planning, tool design, process development, product testing tasks, workshop management, warehouse management and other related information management. To complete the development in a well planned way to achieve a comprehensive delivery tracking management system.

Establish a complete failure mode and effect analysis system: establish a failure mode and effect analysis system for mold design and manufacturing through meetings, announcements, computer sharing and incentive methods to prevent the same problem from happening again.



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