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Protection and Maintenanceof Mould

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Protection of mould


Because of the specificity, precision and vulnerability of mould, the safety protection of mould is very important. The following aspects are summarized as a whole:

mold making

Anti-rust: Prevent rusting caused by leakage/condensation/rain/fingerprints of injection moulds.


Anti-collision: Prevent the phenomenon of the mould crash caused by the breakage of the ejector pin and the failure of the ejector pin to fall back into place.


De-burring: Prevent the burr of mould caused by cloth/material punching/hand-wiping/nozzle clamp/knife touching.


Defects: Prevent the damage caused by the lack of parts such as pull rod/washer.


Pressure-proof: Prevent mould from being crushed by clamping the mould due to the remaining products.


Pressure protection: Prevent the damage caused by the excessive low pressure protection pressure of the mould.


Among them, more than 85% of the mould damage is caused by the breakage of the ejector pin, the inadequate return of the ejector pin, the residual products of the die and the lack of accessories, which are more frequent. The maintenance cost of the mould is generally higher, so how to avoid such a situation is directly related to the interests of the injection industry.


In order to prevent production delays caused by mould damage, as well as high maintenance costs, and to better save human resources, some companies have developed a product called “mould protector” using machine vision technology.


Mold monitor, or mould protector, also known as electronic eye of mould, can effectively protect expensive mould. Mould protection system of injection moulding machine, installed on the injection moulding machine, can directly check whether the product is qualified, and check whether there are residues before closing, in order to prevent clamping damage of the mould. During the operation of injection moulding machine, expensive moulds may be in danger of damage due to plastic residue or slider dislocation in each cycle. Anqi prevents these situations and automatically prevents closing of moulds and alarms when abnormal happens.


If the damage of mould is caused by the failure to take effective mould protection, we give you the following suggestions:


Cautions for mould maintenance:


When disassembling the mould, avoid bruising and move smoothly.


Mold anti-rust should be reduced to below 40 degrees.


The mould should be thoroughly inspected and rust-proof treatment: carefully wipe the moisture and sundries in the cavity, core, ejection mechanism and position, and spray the mould rust-proof agent and butter.


Maintenance of Mould

During the continuous working process of mould, the wear of parts, deterioration of lubricant, water leakage and crushing of plastic materials are easily caused by the movement process, so the maintenance of the mould is needed.


Mould maintenance is generally divided into routine maintenance and downward maintenance.


Daily maintenance


  1. Regular rust removal (appearance, PL surface, cavity, core, etc.)


  1. Regular re-lubrication (ejection mechanism, row position, etc.)


  1. Regular replacement of wearable parts (pull rods, bolts, etc.)


  1. Other things to be noted


Lower mould maintenance


Professional maintenance personnel are required to remove the mould, and then carry out professional maintenance and repair on the cavity and thimble of the mould.


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