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Plastic mould should have strict tolerance requirements

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In the manufacturing process of plastic mould, when engineers determine the tolerance standard of plastic mould, they must have strict operation standard, design plastic mould according to plastic products, analyze its specific application field, collect relevant data about plastic in advance, production operation skills and mould precautions, as well as the requirements for different plastic mould manufacturing, relevant plastic mould The inspection organization shall establish strict inspection standards, which shall be calibrated by relevant technical personnel. Before manufacturing, the plastic mold products shall be subject to production test. After confirming that the plastic mold produces products that conform to the production practice, the batch production of products can be determined.


In the manufacturing process of plastic mold, the use of shrinkage coefficient of plastic mold must be fully considered. According to the manufacturing industry, the mold and plastic mold manufacturing site shall be apintejinusted. For the shrinkage range of different plastic mold products, the design and calibration standards for manufacturing plastic mold shall be determined. The change of environmental conditions shall be fully considered to improve the precision of plastic mold. At the same time, plastic mold shall be manufactured During processing, it can increase the high temperature resistance and compressive strength of plastic mold materials, so as to reduce the change of shrinkage rate of plastic mold, and make the products adapt to more complex environment. Improve the production method and accuracy.


The shape of plastic injection mold in the traditional manufacturing mode can not meet the development needs of the current plastic mold development. In order to meet the needs of the birth of the current production mold manufacturing method, as well as to adapt to the rapid development of science and industrial technology in the plastic mold production process using innovative production methods and adding new innovative means, traditional manufacturing methods combined with digital program control Equipment operation, it can not only save materials to a large extent, but also ensure high-precision plastic mold, effectively improve the accuracy of plastic mold, so that the use of standard parts and mold commercialization rate is significantly improved.


Plastic mold manufacturing can not only use traditional single raw materials, but also add plastic mold additives, improve the accuracy of plastic mold, increase the heat resistance, enhance the bearing capacity of plastic mold, and produce more valuable products.


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