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Main characteristics of plastics for automobiles

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Polymer automotive materials have many advantages that traditional materials did not have in the past. Mainly manifested in light weight, good appearance decoration effect, a variety of practical application functions, good physical and chemical properties, easy processing and shaping, energy saving, sustainable use and other aspects. The main characteristics of polymer automotive materials are as follows.


  1. Light weight


One of the most outstanding advantages of polymer automotive materials is that they have the characteristics of light weight and high strength. Because the average weight of various plastics is only 15-20% of that of ordinary steel, it is also lighter than that of ordinary wood. This feature has outstanding advantages especially for high-end large cars, which can reduce a lot of self-weight.


  1. Good machinability


Polymer automobile materials have very good processing properties. Due to the plasticity of polymer automobile materials and their good compatibility with other materials, different material components can be utilized to produce polymer automobile materials with different shapes, properties, colors and functions by means of extrusion, injection, calendering, moulding and blow moulding, with the help of various modern moulding machines. Direct extrusion of pipes, profiles, sheets, injection into various shapes of products, calendering into thin films, etc., can also be made according to the needs of various colors, sandwiches, hollow, insert and other products, but also according to the requirements of secondary processing, such as turning, punching, cutting, welding, hot melting, cold saw, composite, etc.


  1. Excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties


Another advantage of polymer automotive materials is that they have many functions and can be used in special occasions. In addition to plasticity, most polymer materials have many excellent physical and chemical properties. Plastics have good insulation performance, excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good wear resistance and wash resistance, good waterproof performance and mechanical properties, good bonding performance. They are processed into various kinds of automotive interior and exterior decorations requiring a variety of properties and functions.


  1. Excellent decorative effect


The most outstanding advantage of polymer automotive materials is excellent decorative effect. It can be processed into products with complex shapes and various colors at one time. Sometimes it needs to be printed, pasted, rolled, laminated and colored. It can be processed into very vivid images, patterns and patterns. It can imitate the texture of natural wood, metal and animal skin. It can also be surface stamped, pasted, silver-plated, mosaic and so on.


  1. Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection


Polymer automotive materials also have the advantage of saving energy and promoting environmental protection. Because it can replace a large number of natural materials, it can conserve a large number of resources, protect forest and stone resources, not destroy more ecological environment, and has the social value of energy conservation and environmental protection significance. At the same time, due to the convenience of plastic processing and forming, the energy required for manufacturing polymer automobiles is far less than that for processing natural materials with the same functions, such as steel, animal skins, etc., which can save a lot of labor and energy. Most of the plastics used in automobile materials are thermoplastics. Their waste materials can be easily recycled and directly remanufactured, which makes polymer automobile materials onto the road of cleaner production of sustainable processing, and has a very positive environmental significance.


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