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Introduction of metal drawing process

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  • (1) According to the drawing of the workpiece, analyze the shape characteristics, size, precision requirements, raw material size and mechanical properties of the workpiece, and combine factors such as available equipment and batch size. Good stretching manufacturability should ensure less material consumption, less number of procedures, and less number of occupied equipment.
  • (2) The calculation of main process parameters is based on the analysis of the stamping process, to find out the characteristics and difficulties of the process, and propose various possible drawing process plans according to the actual situation, including the nature of the process, the number of processes, the sequence of processes and the combination methods, etc. . Sometimes there may be multiple feasible process schemes for the same workpiece. Usually, each scheme has its own advantages and disadvantages. Comprehensive analysis and comparison should be carried out to determine the best suitable scheme.
  • (3) Process parameters refer to the data on which the process plan is formulated, such as various forming coefficients (drawing coefficients, bulging coefficients, etc.), expanded dimensions of parts, and various stresses. There are two situations for calculation. The first is that the process parameters can be calculated more accurately, such as the material utilization rate of the part layout, the area of ​​the workpiece, etc.; the second is that the process parameters can only be approximated, such as general bending or deep drawing. Forces, unfolding dimensions of complex parts blanks, etc., to determine these process parameters are generally rough calculations based on empirical formulas or diagrams, and some need to be adjusted through experiments.
  • (4) Selection of stretching equipment According to the nature of the process to be completed and the power and energy characteristics of various equipment, consider the required deformation force and size and other major factors, and combine the existing equipment to reasonably select the equipment type and tonnage.

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