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Injection mold factory teaches you how to solve the flash of injection molding products

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The flash is essentially the excess left on the product after cooling in the gap where the plastic material enters the matching part of the mold. This is a problem that many injection mold factories will encounter. To solve the problem of flash is very simple, that is to control not to let the melt enter the mold fit gap. So how to solve it?


(1) Equipment

In some injection mold factories, the clamping force of machines is insufficient, which is higher than the tension formed by the longitudinal projection area of injection products during injection, otherwise it will cause die expansion and flash; The mold closing device is not apintejinusted well. When one side of the mold is closed tightly and the other side is not tight, flash will occur during injection; The parallelism of the die itself is poor, or the installation is not parallel, or the template is not parallel, which will lead to tight clamping and flash.

(2) Mold aspect

The accuracy of mold parting surface is poor, the mold design department is reasonable, and the opening position of mold cavity is too offset, which will cause tension on one side of the mold during injection and cause flash.

(3) Process aspect

Too high injection pressure or too fast injection rate, too large feeding amount, too high barrel and nozzle temperature or too high mold temperature will cause flash.

(4) Plastic raw materials

The viscosity of water absorbent plastics or water sensitive plastics will be greatly reduced at high temperature, increasing the possibility of flash, and these plastics should be thoroughly dried; If the plastic viscosity is too high, the flow resistance increases, resulting in large back pressure, which increases the pressure in the mold cavity, resulting in insufficient clamping force and flash; In addition, when the particle size of plastic raw materials is uneven, the feeding amount will change indefinitely, resulting in dissatisfaction or flash of injection molded parts in the injection molding process.

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