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How to solve the lack of glue in injection molding products?

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Many injection molding plants have encountered the problem of lack of glue in plastic open mold injection molding products. The elegant name is insufficient filling.

It means that the material cannot completely fill the formed product. The direct result is that we can’t get the shape products we need. Generally speaking, this is due to the insufficient fluidity of raw materials and the insufficient calculation of the amount of glue filled in the product.

But we encountered a very troublesome situation during production: sometimes the product has no problem, and sometimes it is short of glue. It’s a headache.

We got a technician to help find the problem. He thought about it and said: the glue amount is calculated very accurately. There is no problem. He found a flashlight, looked inside the mold and found that a part was blocked. Sometimes, it can be brought out during mold opening and injection molding, and sometimes the glue is broken in it.

He heated the needle, inserted it into the broken glue, and then pulled it out after a while. At the same time, we are instructed to apply release agent frequently, because during product design, the end part is relatively thin, such as thin rubber column, which needs to be applied with release agent from time to time.

Only then did we understand that sometimes there is no reason for the lack of glue. In the future, we can solve such problems by ourselves. If you want to know more about injection molding technology, you can log in to pintejin Mold’s official website, where there are detailed technical Encyclopedia for your reference, and look forward to your visit!



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