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How to Save the Processing Cost of Injection Mould

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Reasonable saving of the processing cost of injection mould can increase the economic benefit of enterprise production, save the production cost of enterprise, and benefit the competition of enterprise and product in the market.


  1. Rational selection of injection moulds


It is a basic cost-saving method to select and design reasonable injection moulds before product production. Different die design structures have different requirements for product materials, which are good or bad naturally. Good die has high yield, less waste and low natural production cost.


  1. Adopting Reasonable Processing Technology


For the same product, the quality and quantity of raw materials required are different with different production and processing technologies. According to the characteristics of the products and on the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the production cost can be saved by using the method of improving the processing technology.


  1. Adopt scientific and rational management


In the process of production, scientific and reasonable management mode should be adopted. Strengthen cost accounting and strengthen management in production, supply, sales and finance. The raw materials, fuel, power, wages, manufacturing costs and administrative costs in production costs are refined into unit product costs. Reasonable management is standardized and waste is strictly prohibited.


Enterprises reduce the waste of each link, so as to achieve the purpose of reasonable storage and use of materials, saving costs and increasing benefits. This not only meets the reasonable needs of production, but also reduces the waste of funds.



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