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How to judge the quality of injection molded parts

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Injection molding products are now everywhere in our life. There are precision injection molding parts and ordinary quality injection molding parts. Injection molding products will become more and more popular in the future. How to judge the quality of injection molded parts? The editor of injection molding manufacturers shares the following.

Injection molding parts processing
1. Dimensions of injection molded parts

In the production and processing of injection molded parts, the size must be consistent with the design drawing, and the accuracy of each relative position directly affects the size of injection molded parts.

2. Appearance quality of injection molded parts

The appearance of injection molded parts includes: color, gloss and integrity of injection molded parts. The appearance quality needs to be strictly checked and compared with the requirements of injection design drawings.

3. Performance of injection molded parts

Some injection molding parts have strict requirements for the physical and chemical properties of the product itself, such as hardness, high temperature resistance, density, etc. after all, some injection molding parts are used in a bad environment, so the physical and chemical properties of the injection parts must be excellent.

Injection molding manufacturers in the production and manufacturing of injection molding parts, need to carry out a comprehensive understanding of the injection design, materials, technology, use, mold, etc., in order to ensure the final quality of injection molding products.


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