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How to improve efficiency when China CNC Machining processing?

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How to improve efficiency when China cnc machining processing?
1. Set the tool change point. China cnc processing plant in order to consider the convenience and safety of the tool change, sometimes the tool change point is also set far from the blankAt the position, then, when the second knife is changed, the empty travel route when the vehicle is finished must be longer; if the tool change point of the second knife is also set at the middle point, the space can be shortened. Travel distance.2. Reasonably arrange the “zero return” route. In the CNC machining, when the machining program of complex contours is manually programmed, in order to simplify the calculation process and facilitate the check, the programmer sometimes returns the tool end point after each tool machining by executing the “zero return” operation command. Position the tool point and then perform subsequent procedures. CNC machining will increase the distance of the feed route and reduce production efficiency. Therefore, when reasonably arranging the “zero return” route, the distance between the end point of the previous knife and the starting point of the next knife should be as short as possible or zero to meet the shortest requirement of the feed route. In addition, when the return to the tool point command is selected, the x and z axis bidirectional simultaneous "zero return" commands are used as much as possible without interference, and the function "zero return" route is the shortest.3. Use the starting point.  CNC machining uses a rectangular cycle for the general case of roughing. The setting of the tool point A is in consideration of the need to conveniently change the tool during the machining process such as finishing, so it is placed at a position far from the blank, and at the same time, the starting point and the tool point are coincident.
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