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How to color the 3d printing hand model

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Thanks to the modeling capabilities of 3D printing, more and more users use 3D printers to make models, including cartoon models, architectural models, car models, and industrial machinery models. Dongguan 3D printing service company PTJ provides you with a method for coloring 3D printing hand-made models.

The colors of anime figures are usually more complicated and there are more details, so spray paint + hand-painted methods are used to paint. In order to ensure the exquisiteness of the figure, the model will be disassembled before coloring.

1. Disassemble and print

The different color parts of the 3d model are disassembled on the computer through 3d modeling software, and the disassembled data is imported into a high-precision 3d printer to make a prototype.

2. Fuel injection

According to the color of the renderings, the paint is allocated, and the printed prototype is sprayed and colored according to different color parts.

3. Hand-painted

For some extremely subtle parts, such as eyebrows, manual hand-painting is performed.

4. Water stickers

The eyes of the figure’s hand-made model often need to be realized by the process of using water stickers to ensure a clever feeling.

5. Silk screen

The hand-made LOGO, text, two-dimensional code and other patterns are realized by silk screen technology.

6. Assembly

After the various parts of the 3d printing figure are colored and dried, the assembly can be started.

The production of cartoon hand-made models is a very technology-testing industry. Dongguan ptj Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. is an experienced 3D printing company that provides hand-made customizations to many hand-made enthusiasts, studios, and commerce companies.

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