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How much do you know about the solution of snake flow mark in injection molding process?

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In the process of injection molding, it is easy to have snake flow marks and other adverse problems. Serpentine flow mark refers to the irregular flow line with gate as the middle on PC products. Different from the “fingerprint” line, the turbulent flow mark appears along the material flow direction rather than perpendicular to the material flow direction.

The reason for its formation may be that the melt injected into the mold cavity is greatly impacted, resulting in negative and smooth flow in the cold mold.

In terms of injection molding technology, the main methods to solve snake flow marks are as follows:

1. Increase the melt temperature to reduce the premature cooling of the melt;

2. Raise the mold temperature, especially the temperature at the part with turbulent flow mark, so as to prevent the melt from sliding due to premature cooling in the mold cavity;

Injection molding multi-stage injection setting

3. Multi stage injection is adopted to reduce the injection rate and injection pressure at the position with turbulent flow marks;

There are several solutions for mold technology:

1. Change the gate position to change the flow mode of molten material;

2. Increase the cold material trap to prevent the cold material from sliding in the die. It is mainly to set a large enough cold material bag to remove the air flow in the mold cavity during filling, and add a cold material bag at the end of filling to lead out the filling air flow.

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