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How do general injection molding factories solve the problem of product pitting?

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Many technicians of injection molding products factories will find that sometimes there are many pits on the surface of injection molded products when plastic products are processed and injected. Different from the impurity problem of black spots, pitting mainly produces many pits on the product surface.

It has a great impact on the appearance. The inspectors of the injection molding product factory should know that it is difficult for customers to accept such products with appearance problems.

We consulted technician and asked him if the raw materials were mixed with impurities?

He told us: this has nothing to do with the raw materials. If the raw materials have impurities, there will be black spots on the products. The pitting is because the raw materials of the products are not stuck on the surface of the mold cavity.

The main reason for this problem is that the holding pressure is not enough, that is, the secondary pressure we often see on the machine panel. Just turn that up.

He quickly apintejinusted the parameters. We tried to inject several products and found that the problem was solved! In this way, the problem of product pitting in China pintejin Molding Industrial Company Limited can be solved. If you want to know more about relevant technical knowledge, you can log in to the official website of pintejin Mold, where there are detailed technical Encyclopedia for your reference, and look forward to your visit!


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