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Five reasons for shrinkage of injection mold products

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No matter what injection molding products, it is inseparable from the injection mold, but sometimes the injection mold shrinkage phenomenon, so what are the reasons for the injection mold shrinkage.

1. Thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of plastics

In the process of plastic mold molding, it is necessary to melt the plastic raw materials. At this time, the melting temperature reaches 200 ~ 300 degrees, and the plastic raw materials are heated to expand. However, in the cooling process of the injection mold, the temperature decreases, and its volume potential must shrink.

2. Changes in the chemical structure of plastics

For example, in the molding process of thermosetting plastics, the resin molecules change from linear structure to body structure, and the volume mass of the shape structure is larger than that of the linear structure, and its total volume becomes smaller, so the shrinkage phenomenon occurs.

3. Residual stress change

In the process of injection molding, due to the shear force of molding pressure, anisotropy, mixing heterogeneity of additives and mold temperature

After molding, there is residual stress in the injection mold, which will gradually decrease and redistribute. As a result, the plastic mold shrinks again, which is generally called post shrinkage.

4. Gate section size

Different injection molds have different cross-section sizes. Large gate helps to increase the cavity pressure and prolong the gate closing time, so that more melt can flow into the cavity

5. Plastic varieties

Generally speaking, crystalline plastics, such as PP and PA, exhibit larger shrinkage and wider shrinkage range than crystalline plastics such as PC, PS and ABS.

The reasons for the large shrinkage of crystalline plastics are the influence of thermal expansion coefficient of plastics and the condensation of melt during the formation of crystalline structure.

The above five points are the causes of injection mold shrinkage, so for injection molding factory, when producing injection molding products, we must often check the quality of injection mold.


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