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Factors Influencing Polishing Effect of Moulds

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There are three main factors affecting the polishing effect of moulds:

Quality of mould steel

Non-uniform surface hardness or different characteristics often lead to polishing difficulties, and all kinds of inclusions and pore in steel are not conducive to polishing.

Heat treatment process

Heat treatment affects polishing performance in many ways. The fine structure of surface hardened steel is not conducive to polishing due to the increase of carbon content on the surface. Polishing is difficult because of the increase of small oxide particles on the surface of steel. Carburizing or decarbonizing on the surface of steel will change the hardness and make polishing difficult.

Polishing technology and equipment

The effect of different hardness on polishing process increases the grinding difficulty, but the polishing finish increases. As the hardness increases, the polishing time needed to achieve a higher finish increases, and the possibility of excessive polishing decreases accordingly. For stainless steel die steel, the polishing process is slightly different because of their high surface finish. Before polishing, we should try to grind the surface to the smallest sand number. The most important thing is to stop operation immediately after removing the last polishing mark.

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