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Do not hold useless meetings every day

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Any corporate meeting should look like a lady’s skirt, the shorter the better. In fact, many corporate meetings are like shrouds, long and useless, and the biggest effect is a waste of time. And time is also the most important cost of an enterprise. Regarding the super-large enterprises and state-owned enterprises, I don’t need to say any more. They have a lot of affairs, rich management staff, and a group of full-time meeting officials. If they don’t meet, some people will be unemployed. For small companies, the entire company does not exceed 100 people. If you also learn from large companies and hold small conferences non-stop, it is a waste of precious time.
Remember: the key to the success of a small business is always high efficiency. It is to make the best use of all resources. It is to let employees have time to do more work and do more work instead of wasting time.

Today I will mainly talk about the meeting, so I will not extend the matter elsewhere. Just talk about the meeting.

Nowadays, many small businesses are more or less guilty of the diseases of large enterprises. The company has just a few people, a few things, what each person wants to do, and what goals they want to achieve each month are all things that are fixed. For such a simple and clear thing, you just need to do it seriously, and you still need to repeat this thing every day in a meeting.

What’s more, if the boss or supervisor is there to talk to himself, and the people below are not allowed to speak, this will be 80% for nothing. The content of the meeting will be heard with the left ear and the right ear will be heard. If there is a democratic meeting, everyone will speak enthusiastically, well, this meeting will take at least an hour or two. The cost of this meeting is very high.

As long as we put the meeting time + the number of participants + the salary of the participants, the cost of the meeting can be calculated. You can use this cost to evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting, and you will know whether this kind of meeting will be held in the future.

I have a friend who is a commerce and trade company with more than 200 people and only holds a middle-level meeting once a month. The content of the meeting was simple and clear. First of all, the accountant should report to everyone the financial status of the company in the past month. Then, according to the company’s reward and punishment system, the departments with excess performance are rewarded, and the departments that fail to complete the performance are punished. The fine was handed over on the spot, and then the boss went to dinner with everyone. For supervisors who cannot complete tasks for three consecutive months, the company will be downgraded. For employees who cannot complete tasks for six consecutive months, the company will persuade them to leave. On weekdays, there are no meetings at all.

Only if the departments have problems that cannot be solved by themselves, the boss will help everyone solve them. For an office of more than 200 square meters, usually only the office clerk is on duty, the trade company, everyone running on the front line of sales, can create the highest benefits. Everyone is talking about the financial crisis, and the company can still generate hundreds of millions of dollars in profits every year. I’m not saying that companies can do a good job with fewer meetings. I’m telling you a truth. Effective management does not require daily meetings. The core of management is to manage people, to mobilize people’s enthusiasm and initiative. There is nothing unsuccessful for the enterprise to do this well.

Do not hold useless meetings every day

Closer to home, still talk about the meeting.

I also discussed the issue of corporate meetings with this friend. He said that in the past, in company management, meetings were used as an important management method. The company had morning meetings every day, weekly meetings every week, and big meetings every month. Summary meeting. After so many meetings, the employees of the company became more and more confused, the more they met, and everyone didn’t know how to work.

I said, how could this be? Isn’t the purpose of the meeting to make the company’s employees reach a consensus, and then use everyone’s wisdom to promote the company’s development?

My friend said that the theory you said seems to be correct, but it doesn’t work. First of all, corporate employees will always have different ideas from corporate bosses, and their perceptions of things are not on the same level. This is an objective fact. Don’t evade this. Whoever evades this problem will not be a good company. Since employees and bosses are at such a level of inequality, bosses will always have to work harder, take out the methods, and let the employees do it.

What is a worker? Workers just move step by step to do things. Doing things well is a qualified worker and a good employee. If this worker can do things better while doing things, such a worker is the material for the supervisor. If a supervisor can often solve things that the boss can’t handle, the supervisor will sooner or later be an independent entrepreneur. Think about it, if a worker has the thinking and ability of a boss, he will never find a job for others. No matter how difficult it is, he must start a business! This is the biggest difference between the thinking of the boss and the thinking of the worker.

In our company’s workforce, if we find an employee with the boss’s potential, we must draw him into the team of our own partners. Let him become his strongest ally.

So what is the boss is thinking?

The boss always has an adventurous spirit and a sense of responsibility. As long as he chooses something, he will accept the result if he succeeds or fails.

So, what is employee thinking?

The employee’s thinking is always the pursuit of a stable life, and they don’t want to take too much responsibility. People under the employee’s thinking are unwilling to take on everything that is risky.

Therefore, if you understand this truth, business management is simple. There is no need to hold this meeting and that meeting every day. As long as your company can provide employees with a stable salary, have a platform for them to use their existing talents, and give them a better future prospects, they will do a good job for you.

The most taboo thing for business owners in front of employees is to tell employees about the pressure of the company. Do you expect employees to solve the pressure that the boss can’t solve? If an employee really has this ability, he is your boss. If you don’t have such qualified employees, you put the pressure on them, but you overwhelm them.

Of course, I don’t mean to say that companies do not need to hold meetings. Corporate meetings must be efficient meetings, useful meetings, and pragmatic meetings.

Remember: a meeting is a collective activity for companies to solve problems and issue instructions, but it is also a high-cost business activity. Every minute, it means that the total number of minutes and time cost of the participants is increasing, and the managers of many companies have not mastered the skills of the meeting, and there is “no preparation before the meeting, no theme during the meeting, no implementation after the meeting, attending the meeting). “No need, no time control, no bounds to speak” the six no phenomenon. It is this kind of corporate meeting that makes the meeting the lowest efficient and most costly operating mode of the enterprise.

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