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Differences between Cold Runner and Hot Runner

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As the name suggests, the surface difference between cold runner and hot runner is the temperature, and the cold runner is the basic form of injection mold. The so-called cold runner is the conventional injection mold. After the injection, there must be some condensate in the runner.

With the reduction of resources, competition in the market and substantial increase in raw material prices, it is very necessary to make a big deal on saving materials. This is also an important cause of the hot stream. It can be said that the inevitable result of the development of social industrialization.

The emergence of hot runner has solved the problem of resource waste and cost saving, and has made great achievements in the processing of injection molding. Hot runner has gradually developed into the general direction of the development of injection mold, and will be popularized. Because of the cost accounting problem, there are many small and medium dies that have not yet applied hot runner. There are still a small number of materials that must be applied to cold runner mold injection molding.

What is a hot runner?

The hot runner ensures the molten state of the runner and gate by heating. Because of the heating rod and heating ring near the flow channel or the center of the flow channel, the whole flow channel from the injection nozzle exit to the gate is in the high temperature state. The plastic in the flow channel is kept molten. After the shutdown, the flow path is generally not open. Therefore, the hot runner technology is sometimes referred to as the thermal manifold system, or no runner molding. Advantages and disadvantages of hot runner technology are compared with conventional cold runner technology.

1, Save the raw material and reduce the cost.

2, Shorten the molding cycle and improve the efficiency of the machine

  1. Improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of the products.

4, Can use point gate without three plate mold.

  1. A single product can be molded economically with a side gate.

6, Improve the degree of automation.

7, Can use needle valve gate to control the gate of the gate to freeze.

  1. The quality of the injection molded parts of the multimode cavity die is consistent.

9, Improve the surface beauty of injection products.

However, every technology has its own shortcomings. Hot runner technology is no exception.

1, The mold structure is complex, high cost, high maintenance costs.

2, It will take a while to start the process, and the process will be stable.

  1. When melt leakage and heating element malfunction occur, the product quality and production schedule will be greatly affected.



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