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CNC processing of jigs

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Jigs in the cnc machining refers to a method of machining on a cnc machine tool, and fixtures are indispensable part of CNC machining, jigs and stable to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, to increase productivity, expand the scope of application of CNC machine tools and so on.(1) ensure accuracy: the fixture installation, you can accurately determine the relative position between workpiece and machine tools, cutting tools, workpiece position by fixture to ensure accuracy, not under the influence of the technical competence of workers, its processing of high precision and high stability.
(2) improve productivity, and reduced cost with fixture loaded clip artifacts, without find are will can makes artifacts quickly to positioning and clip tight, significantly to reduced has auxiliary work; with fixture loaded clip artifacts improve has artifacts of rigid, so can increased cutting dosage; can using more pieces, and more station fixture loaded clip artifacts, and used efficient clip tight institutions, these factors are conducive to improve productivity. In addition, after the fixture, product quality is stable, scrap rate and can arrange for workers with low skill levels, significantly reducing the cost of production.
(3) expand the scope of machine tool technology using special production jigs can change the original machine tool and expand the use of machine tools, one for many. For example, in a lathe or radial drill when boring fixtures are installed on, it can be boring the holes on box through the special fixture for lathe into broaching machine can also be used in order to give full play to role of general purpose machine tools.
(4) reduce the labor intensity of workers with fixture clamping the workpiece easy and fast when using pneumatic, hydraulic clamping devices, can reduce the labor intensity of workers.Previous: Analysis of numerical control lathe machining of common two formsNext: NC machining of three factors

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