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CNC machining center coordinate system introduction

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There are three kinds of cnc machining center coordinate system, CNC mechanical coordinate system, CNC machining coordinate system and CNC temporary coordinate system. The mechanical coordinate system, the CNC mechanical zero point is a mechanical reference point. After each power-on, the original point is determined after zeroing. The position of the mechanical zero point is determined by the machine factory, and should not be changed. The machining coordinate system is used for workpiece machining. It is the sub-coordinate system of the mechanical coordinate system. Take a point in the mechanical coordinate system (generally the workpiece center point) as the coordinate origin, and record the mechanical coordinate value of this point as a machining. The origin of the coordinate series, you can set the machining coordinate system. Temporary coordinate system: At any time, each point is cleared to the coordinate origin. Corresponding to the coordinate value also has three coordinate values: mechanical coordinate value, machining coordinate value, temporary coordinate value (also called relative coordinate value) 22. Commonly used filter value: common filter value 0.001 ~ 0.02, filter radius R = 0.1 ~ 0.5. The rough knife path takes a large value, the light surface knife path takes a small value, the surface radius is smaller, and the surface radius is larger. Filtration can effectively reduce the program capacity, and the cutter is smoother, but too large affects the machining accuracy.

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