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Classification of sensors.

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1. Resistive
A resistive sensor is a device that converts physical quantities to be measured, such as displacement, deformation, force, acceleration, humidity, temperature, etc., into resistance. There are mainly resistance strain sensors, piezoresistive sensors, thermal resistance sensors, thermal sensors, gas sensors, and humidity sensors.
2. Frequency conversion power
The variable frequency power sensor performs AC sampling of the input voltage and current signals, and then connects the sampled value to the digital input secondary instrument through a transmission system such as cable, optical fiber, etc., and the digital input secondary instrument calculates the sampled value of the voltage and current .
3. Resistance strain type
The resistance strain gauge in the sensor has the strain effect of metal, that is, it produces mechanical deformation under the action of external force, so that the resistance value changes accordingly. Resistance strain gauges are mainly divided into two types: metal and semiconductor. Metal strain gauges are divided into wire type, foil type and thin film type. Semiconductor strain gauges have the advantages of high sensitivity (usually dozens of times that of wire and foil types) and small lateral effects.
4. Piezoresistive
The piezoresistive sensor is a device made by diffusion resistance on a semiconductor material substrate based on the piezoresistive effect of the semiconductor material. The substrate can be directly used as a measuring sensor element, and the diffusion resistance is connected in the form of a bridge in the substrate. When the substrate is deformed by an external force, the resistance value will change, and the bridge will produce a corresponding unbalanced output.
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