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Characteristics and injection process of PC + ABS injection material

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What is PC + ABS material?

PC plastic is a new type of thermoplastic with 90% transparency, so it is called transparent metal. It is very hard, with high impact strength and high dimensional stability, as well as a wide range of application temperature, good electrical insulation, heat resistance and non-toxic properties ABS is a tough and rigid thermoplastic. It is a blend or terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Styrene endows ABS with excellent moldability, gloss and rigidity; acrylonitrile endows ABS with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and surface hardness; butadiene endows ABS with great impact strength and low temperature resilience.

What products are PC + ABS suitable for?

PC + ABS is a thermoplastic made of PC and ABS alloy, which combines the excellent properties of the two materials. It is widely used in automobile trim, lampshade, handle and other components; consumer and commercial electrical appliances, such as computers, peripherals and mobile phones; it can replace PC to produce thin-walled products and products with long flow path; camera components, instrument panel, fan cover, safety cap shell, nut, radiator grille, computer and optical instrument shell, hair dryer and coffee Machine and so on.

Injection molding process of PC + ABS:

Drying: it must be dried before processing to keep the humidity below 0.04%. The recommended drying conditions are 90 ° c-110 ° C for 2-4 hours;

Barrel temperature: feed section – 50-70 ° C (70 ° C);

Melting temperature: 230-300 ℃;

Constant barrel temperature: 200 ° C;

mold temperature: 70-90 ° C;

Injection pressure: 80-150mpa (800-1500bar);

Pressure maintaining: 40% – 50% of the injection pressure to avoid product shrinkage; in order to reduce the internal stress of the product to a greater extent, the back pressure should be set as low as possible, i.e. 5-10mpa (50-100bar), to prevent friction heat.

Injection speed: apply medium injection speed to optimize friction heat; for some products, multi-stage injection is recommended from slow to fast injection;

Screw speed: the screw speed is equal to the linear speed of 4.0m/s;

Screw back position: (1.0 to 3.0) d, because the melt is sensitive to overheating and the residence time in the barrel is too long;

The dwell time shall not exceed 6 minutes and shall be as short as possible in the hot runner. The amount of cushion is 2 to 5mm, depending on the screw’s recline position.


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