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Basic Requirements for Injection Molding Operators

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  1. First inspection and self inspection in injection molding production


1) Before production, the operator must submit the first mold product to the inspector for self-inspection and then to the inspector for first inspection. Only after the inspector notifies that it is qualified, can the mass production be carried out. The first mold sample should be left on the injection molding machine for self-inspection in production.


2) If the products in production do not meet the quality requirements, the monitor should be notified at the first time to conduct the commissioning, and the sample after the commissioning should be submitted to the inspectors for confirmation before entering the normal mass production.


3) In their own do not understand, do not know whether the quality is qualified, to find the inspection personnel to confirm the situation, or directly look for the monitor to understand, strictly prohibit self-determination.


4) after the production is finished, each carton should have a clear production card and fill in according to the requirements.

5) quality is produced, not checked out. Therefore, injection operators are very important. They are the first nozzle, and must be self tested in production.


  1. Essential skills in injection molding


1) correct use of tools such as blades and diagonal pliers.


2) correct use of clamp and fixture, and operate strictly according to the operation instructions of each fixture.


  1. Watch the machine safely.


1) If the injection molding machine of automatic production has abnormal mechanical and mold, or the product quality is abnormal, it should first open the safety door, then press the manual button, and then call the technician to deal with it.


2) Semiautomatic injection molding machines must have nozzles and products removed before closing the safety door, confirming that the parts are completely out of the mold before the next single injection molding to prevent pressure loss molds, fixtures.

3) the emergency stop button should be pressed immediately when threatening personal safety in operation.


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