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Basic conditions for CNC machining center maintenance personnel

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The repair work of the cnc machining center depends on the personnel conditions. It is necessary for CNC equipment repair operators to have the following basic conditions in order to go further on the road of CNC equipment repair:
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1. High sense of responsibility and outstanding professional ethics;
2, cnc processing equipment knowledge, grasp the computer skills, analog and digital circuit base, automatic control and motor drag, inspection skills and mechanical processing technology in the fundamental knowledge and a certain level of foreign language;
3, through the outstanding cnc equipment maintenance skills training, grasp the operating principles of CNC, drive and PLC, understand CNC programming and programming language;
4. Understand the construction of cnc equipment, with experimental skills and strong ability to operate;
5, grasp the various commonly used (especially on-site) cnc equipment maintenance test equipment, appearance and various maintenance tools.
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