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Analysis of modern control technology of cnc CNC machine tools

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Most of the cnc processing control systems currently in use have a history of 30 to 40 years. One of the problems that existed at that time was the download speed of the parallel port 232 connection. This kind of control system can read block speeds up to 5000/s. For many part machining programs, this speed is sufficient, but for complex parts, the speed required is much higher than this speed. When MTI's Mr. Mike began developing his own control system, he took a completely new approach to computer language logic and efficient information processing. Its product is a CNC system based on modern PC hardware, equipped with a new tool path algorithm, reading speed of more than 5000 / s block. GBI Cincinnati said that the results have reached the "high-speed" processing requirements, its production speed is fast, and the feed rate is very stable. Cnc cnc machining machine combines the rapidity of modern control technology with the precision of cnc CNC machining machine movement to form a real high-speed machining system. The control system of CNC machining machine may shorten the machining cycle and improve the complex 3D model. Obstacles to the finish of aerospace parts or medical device components. When the processor can't keep up with the program running speed, the drive will reduce the feed rate of the tool due to the urgent need of information, thus prolonging the machining cycle and causing the tool to work inconsistently. In order to replace the worn and overloaded tools, in addition to increasing the number of times the tool is moved to the tool magazine, it also affects the effective use of the spindle, increasing the workload and finishing time of the fitter.When the speed (feed rate) is unstable, some problems arise. When the tool is run through the part, its unbalanced motion will cause different loads on the cutting groove on the tool, which will affect the machining accuracy and surface finish. If the tool is not running fast enough to maintain the minimum cutting load of the tool and friction occurs between the tool and the workpiece instead of cutting, the unstable motion of the tool will shorten the life of the tool. This mode of operation also causes a small amount of breakage in the blade, which causes the tool to heat up and become dull. However, with high-speed machining, the average machining speed of the tool through the workpiece will be more uniform, and the machining accuracy will be higher, which not only shortens the machining time, but also prolongs the service life of the tool.
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