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NOTES FOR ACRYLIC FORMING MACHINE:(1) Make sure there is good grounding wire for the equipment in case of electric leakage and damage to personal safety.(2) Make sure the hydraulic oil in the vacuum pump is not below the red line at the oil level mark, and please do not fill too much oil in case of the oil injection from the exhaust port of the vacuum pump. (3) As it is of high temperature (Not over 200℃ when setting the temp.) in the softening tank of the equipment, when placing and taking the board, the operation staff must wear protective gloves to avoid unnecessary scald. (4) When the equipment is working, please make sure there are no inflammable and explosive products or corrosive liquids near the device in case of fire and loss. (5) During the operation, please do not stand between the active plate and the workbench in case of risk to the life.   (6) In order to make sure the normal use of the equipment, when placing the mold, please make sure to add the base plate which is subject to the position of the mold. Both of them should have similar thickness to make sure the force balance of the active board and avoid deformation and influence on the use. (7) The low pressure travel switch should be adjusted subject to the detailed thickness of the mold. Too low the switch will damage the table and the materials, while too high will not press the letter well. (8) Please regularly inspect if it lacks oil in the turbine, if yes, please timely add the oil in case it reduce the service life of the turbine. (9) After the turbine is used for a while, please check if its fastener (screw) looses, if yes, please timely tighten it. (10) Please regularly check the heat cycle fan and add oil to it in case of aging and damage.  (Ⅰ) Manufacture and place the mold1. The use of the tool and materials  (1) Tool: The proper tool should be chosen according to the thickness of the acrylic plate, which is generally 2mm less than the tool diameter.(2) Mold material: Generally HDF (MDF) with different thickness is used, and other boards with certain hardness and easy to process can also be used.2. The mold processing (1) The engraver can be used for one-time processing and forming (including male and female molds) or use the curve saw to cut the lofting board for male and female molds. (2) After engraving and cutting to the mold, use the sandpaper filing or trimmer to polish and smooth (without edges) the four edges of the male mold surface and the inner four edges on the other side of the female mold. (3) Add lining on the reverse side of the male mold according to the height of raised mold, and the female mold lining should be over 5mm thicker than that of male mold.    3. How to place the mold(1) Stick the sponge tape on the reverse side of the male mold or the lining of the female mold. (2) Select the proper position according to the mold size, firstly stick the male mold on the working platform and then cover the female mold on the male mold and adjust the gaps to the same spacing, then remove the paper on the tape, press the low temp travel switch to stick the female mold on the active plate, and the mold is placed for use.   (Ⅱ) The acrylic letter forming operation 1. Switch → Open the auto switch2. Press the function buttons of temperature control to set the temp (acrylic plates of different manufacturers have different softening temperatures), generally about 110-160℃.   3. Select the 1 zone according to the sizes of the acrylic plate to soften ( for 1 zone + 2 zone, the partition in the temp zone should be taken out), power on the corresponding switch, and the temp. zone starts to be heated.       4. When it reaches to the certain temp., set the time according to different plates, and then put the acrylic board in the softening tank. 5. After lifting the active plate, turn off the switch, touch it, when it feels like soft bread, take it out on the mold. Open the direction switch, press the lifting switch to press the active plate to the base (turn off the switch).     6. Cool it for about 5 minutes, lift the active plate (turn off the switch), take out the semi-finished products (Please do not roughly pry it in case of crack). (Ⅲ) Trimming of the formed acrylic board1. Select the proper tool and reliable bearing according to the width of the reserved letter.2. Use the overhead router (edge milling machine) or down router to install the tool and bearing, then it can be used. Notes before power-on:(1) Check if there is loose or drop line of the switchboard circuit.(2) Check if there is aging damage and drop line of the switch. (3) Check if the turbine lacks oil.(4) Check if the vacuum pump lacks oil.
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