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What Steps We Should Know Before Machining CNC Parts?

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precision cnc machining parts processing technology and methods are very important. After all, our industry is developing faster now. For example, in the mechanical industry or other mechanical devices, there are more parts to be applied. , High precision requirements, different models, or different types of machinery and equipment, need to be applied to different accessories,Now we come to understand cnc precision parts processing!
precision CNC parts processing, what is the effect of cnc precision parts processing?    1. The benchmark is first: the reference surface is processed first. During the machining process, the appearance of the positioning reference should be processed first in order to provide a precise benchmark for the subsequent processes as soon as possible.     2. Differentiating the processing stages: The appearance of high precision CNC machining with high requirements all distinguishes the processing stages. Generally, it can be divided into three stages: rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing. The first is to ensure the processing quality; it is conducive to the scientific use of equipment; it is convenient to organize the heat treatment process; and it is convenient to find the defects of the blank when it is convenient.     3, first face and then hole: about the box, bracket and connecting rod and other parts should be machined first and then machined. In this way, it is possible to position and process the holes in a plane, ensure the azimuth accuracy of the plane and the holes, and bring convenience to the machining of the holes in the plane.     4. Finishing: The finishing of the primary appearance, such as grinding, honing, fine grinding, rolling, etc., should be placed at the end of the process. The formulation of general guidelines for fine CNC machining roads and the formulation of precise CNC machining procedures can be roughly divided into two links.The first is to draw up the technological path for part processing, and then determine the process scale, equipment and process equipment used, cutting standards, and man-hour quota for each process.
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